Shake things up with Shakespeare

Hello Readers,

Its time to shakes things up with Shakespeare ,thats me, the blogger!    Lately I have been writing a new and fantastic play, but I am a bit stuck in the mud because the ending is running away from my tongue. I am offering a deal that my readers may like, you shall think of my ending to this fantastic play! Here is what I have so far   

                                                                    February Fever 

setting A cold wintery night at the palace of death.


Queen Desiree- I  shall no want  not to hav'.

servant- your maj'sty w'at shall you want. 

Lord Abigail- jus' chos' wisely my lady.

servant- I shall gat bac' to yo' soon.

queen Desiree- achuu achuu he-e-e-lp!

servant- (Sarcastic) need a towel...

lord Abigail-(strictly) DON'T BE SARCASTIC LIKE THAT!!!


Hello my readers,

Lets shake things up with Shakespeare, thats me the blogger! Have any catch a bait for my Play script Febraury Fever, if so write a letter to Gold bervine RD near to the post office which has a stray dog called Blinger.

My dear darling Anne has been catching a cold and my twins are calling the doctor. Susanna is practising her writing in the garden by my fountain.Lately at the Globe there was a fight in the yards one groundling was drunk and punched a man in the face because he thought the play was bad (not my play). I went  fishing with hamnet by the lake outside he caught a maggot and I CAUGHT A TUNA! He was quite happy with himself   after I congratulating him he nodded and walked away with a smile on his silly face


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