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First Blog

Hello I am Kiedis and welcome to my blog. You mean our blog right? Yeah I do soz, (my blog!) Oh and by the way im Chloe. Anyway back to buisness. Hello Abbeys welcome to our blog! This is our first blog and we are doing it on.... SHAKESPEARE!!!!  the oldy mouldy from the sixteen hundreds. Kiedis! He inspired everyone who does poetry things, you love poetry right? Ok I am a fan of his plays and sonnets, but i am tellIng the truth he IS four hundred. Chloe.... What? umm... What? Can weee...WHAT!? umm... UGH JUST TELL ME! after you have told me to spill the beans Stop being stupid Kiedis,lets get on with it shall we. OK well you know we went to Shakespeare's Globe-The globe theatre last week lets tell them about it. Ok lets tell them!

Well it was last week and mum wanted to go up to London for a day for fun as it was half term so at 11a.m the next day we packed our bags and boarded a tube. Once we arrived at London we- GOT LOST!  Yeah we got lost so we had to ask a policeman (my idea!) to tell us the way to our hotel. When we eventually got to ur hotel Kiedis decided we should go to to the globe,typical Kiedis wanting to go to some stupid Theater! I'm a genuis I know Chloe throw roses at my feet! The only thing ill be throwing at your feet is Slugs and Snails! Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails, DANCE MAGIC, DANCE MAGIC. Umm...Kiedis what on earth are you doing? Well we went to the Theartre and had this tour and there were manaquins in the most ridonculous dresses weren't there. Yeah I remember! and the actual globe was amazing really posh! Got to go byex